You have been given the job of locating a moon bounce rental for an upcoming kids’ event or birthday party. There is just one problem. You have absolutely no idea where to get one or which one to choose. Each company has its own name for inflatables. Some of the various names that companies use include moonwalks, moon bouncers and bounce houses. The following 5 tips can help make your decision for locating the ideal moon bounce much easier.

 1. Location

Be sure to check the place where you will be setting your moon bounce up first. Measure the amount of room available for the moonbounce setup as well as the path for getting the moonwalk to the location. A majority of moonbounces gets rolled up and then carried on a dolly with a minimum 3 1/2 foot width. If you happen to be renting a Dunk Tank, Water slide or Giant moon bounce, then the width can be up to 5 feet. Always know the amount of space that you have available, as it limits which inflatables you can rent.

Is The Location Of Your Party On Concrete Or Grass?

Will you be setting up your moon bounce rental on concrete or grass? When setting up an inflatable bounce house on grass, 18 inch stakes are used by most inflatables rental companies. This ensures that the moon bounce stays anchored and doesn’t move. To anchor an inflatable to concrete, heavy sandbags can be used.

If the setup area will be on grass, you will want to know where the sprinklers, gas lines and water lines are. When an 18 inch stake is hammered into the ground, it can do lots of damage. You don’t want your party ruined before it even starts. Call 811 and they will point out the locations of water and gas lines for you for free. When it comes to sprinklers, you may need to confirm with a maintenance person or home builder.

2. Select A Theme

A majority of successful party planners begin with a theme. It is a good step to take because it can help you narrow your choices down. If you are considering having a Candy, Princess, Superhero, Nickelodeon or Disney theme, then you may want to rent a moonbounce that will match your theme. Many of the Party Rental companies rent only licensed inflatables, meaning they get approved by these popular brands creators.

3. Book Early

What you don’t want to have happen is to find the perfect moon bounce and then find out it isn’t available. Always book it well in advance so that you can secure your moon bounce and so that no one else gets it ahead of you.

4. Choose An Insured And State Inspected Moon bounce rental Company

If a moonbounce rental company doesn’t have the minimum amount of insurance and isn’t state inspected, then many states prohibit them from being in business. Before you rent a moonbounce, be sure the company that you use is on your state’s safe list.

Moonbounces should be inspected by a state inspector every year. You need to be aware that there are some companies that attempt to cut corners and offer a moonwalk that hasn’t been inspected and might possibly be dangerous for your kids.

5. Check Responsiveness And Read Reviews

Many people don’t pay enough attention when choosing a moon bounce rental company and end up choosing one randomly. However, you really do need to do due diligence before you hire any company to come out to your house. Read reviews online. Also, call the company you are interested in and see if they answer the phone when you call them or return your call if you need to leave a message. Is there an online chat representative available for asking quick questions? See what Angie’s List or Yelp reviewers have to say.

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