A great sleepover is one that will have the kids clamoring to come back to your home for a night of more fun, games and yummy snacks.  If you do not want kids to spend their together time bored and staring at their screens, be a bit creative and come up fun things to do at a sleepover. 

Fun things to do at sleepover do not have to shrink your pockets too. Most games for sleepovers only utilize items readily available in your house, and most are suitable for kids of any age. You can try the classics like Truth and Dare or M.A.S.H, new ideas like blindfold makeover or the most popular ones like fashion shows, or home spa for girls. 

Our list though will ensure that after this slumber party all the kids will want to sleep over at your house every other time! 

Slumber party scavenger hunt 

Scavenger hunts are great for the outdoors, but who says they cannot be excellent for the indoors too? The beautiful thing about scavenger hunts is that they are customizable to any age and sex.  

Divide the party animals into teams with a list of items to scavenge for within a limited time frame. For your sleepover, the perfect type of hunt is a treasure hunt, which gives clues to the team as they search from one area of the house to the other. 

The kids can hunt for anything in your house, from candy wrappers to empty toilet rolls, from cotton swabs to grocery bill receipts. All the team requires is a bag to boot the goodies, and they are good to go. 

Alternatively, juice up the hunt by focusing on the kid’s love for selfies. Using their screens ask them to take group selfies with specific items or after accomplishing particular goals in the house. For example, they can have a selfie doing the Macarena on the porch, or one with the family pet. They can have one popping some corn or next to a specific flower in your yard. The best practice here is to list the to do selfie items in different order for the teams so that there are fewer chances of all groups doing the same task at the same time. 

Alternatively, let your clues be more imaginative than specific. This will be more fun as the kids try to find the item on the list through your description. Ask them for something rough, furry or fluffy. Ask them for an article that is cold or hot, dark or one that can bounce. You can also go the alphabet way, and ask for items that begin with a particular letter of the alphabet. 

This will ensure that the kids are busy for an hour or two, depending on how challenging you make it. 

Slumber party blind makeovers 

Who wants the traditional perfect slumber party makeovers, when you can have a makeover with a twist? Have the kids achieve makeup results like the Joker’s smile in The Dark Knight effortlessly and with loads of laughter. 

What you require for this fun activity is makeup including $1 blush, lipstick, eyeshadow, powder, lip liner and any other item your kids may know of. Some love glitter so include it if they are young enough to appreciate it. Add a blindfold and a mirror; then you can take selfie results with your phone or theirs.  

Best practice is to have two kids sitting facing each other, one blindfolded with the makeup spread out next to them. The girl being made up can hand the artist makeup if necessary as the artist uses it at their discretion.  

Once done, let the kids absorb the makeup from hell results on the mirror first, but you can rest assured the result is lots of giggles followed by loud guffaws. After that, there is always room for paybacks and more hilarity. Afterwards, the kids can enjoy a proper makeover after washing off their faces.  

Slumber party pillow case craft idea 

Kids are naturally creative Picassos in the making, so they will love this game. All you need are everyday white pillowcases and markers or fabric paints. 

The kids can each decorate their pillow cases, or garnish each other’s cases as take-home party favors. 

You can let the kids go wild and pick what art they would like on the covers, or you can outline the art for them using a pencil. 

Slumber party all you can snack fest 

The best slumber parties always have plenty of snacks, healthy fresh fruit and veges and some creative drink mixes. You can have platters of cookies, candy, chips, popcorn or ice cream, of course ensuring that you take into careful consideration any religious restrictions or allergies amongst the kids. Do not eliminate the main course too, so ensure that you set up a taco bar also in the kitchen or just order some pizza. 

You can also try new exciting drink mixes like a fun mix of lemonade or iced tea with soda pop or fruit juice, to make it more unique. 

Spin the Bottle…nail polish version 

Little girls and some boys love to paint their toenails so why not make a game out of it? All you need is a board game spinner, or a do-it-yourself spinner and various nail polish colors. A child takes a spin, and once the spinner stops spinning, the pointer will point to the nail polish she should use and voila! 

Ensure that you protect the floors with an old towel or blanket to avoid permanent stains from spillage. Best practice is to ensure that kids are situated in a circle around the game board, and once the spinner chooses the first nail polish, the kid picked paints only one toenail with that color. Talk of rainbows on little toe nails! The game ends after all toe nails have been painted. The kids can have the nail polish bottles as party favors after the slumber party. 

You can also try a different version of the game with musical manicures, where the kids pass round nail polish bottles till the music stops. 

And those ladies and gentlemen are some few ways to host a slumber party that rocks and will stick in the memory of your children and their friends for a pretty long time.