If you are going to be looking into moon bounce rentals, it is vital for you to have an idea of how to be safe. Since children will be playing on this, you don’t want them to get hurt. By figuring out what you can do to make sure everyone has a fun time while not being at risk of injury, you’ll guarantee that the moon bounce experience will be both a hit and extremely enjoyable!

To start with, an adult should always be there to watch the children play within the moonbounce structure. They will need to watch out for roughhousing, since that is something that could result in a child falling out of the play area or bumping into someone else. If anyone is hurt, make sure to be there to remove them from the bounce house so that nobody injures them further. Sometimes children are not the best at balancing properly and can run into each other, so try not to have too many kids in the area at once.

Next, you should always keep cleaning cloths and wipes around. This can be helpful to clean up any messes that may occur when children play in the bounce house. Many kids are not going to wash their hands and feet before playing, so you may find a slick spot in the play area that needs to be mopped up and cleaned. It is necessary for an adult to check up the moon bounce rental before children play on it just to make sure that it’s dry and there are no wet spot that could be a slipping hazard.

Checking the weather is also important before renting out and setting up the inflatable moon bounce. This is necessary to avoid any injuries or accidents that may be caused by bad weather conditions while children are playing. Generally you won’t see a moon bounce fly away, since they weigh around 500 pounds when it’s a professional one. However, if there is a storm, then lightening and rain could be a danger. If there is a slight chance of a weather issue, be prepared to get the kids out of the structure quickly. Even with just a little rain you need to get them out of it until it stops so nobody slips and falls until you are able to dry the area.

Finally, you should always get a professional to come out with a rental bounce house. You’ll find that the commercial grade bounce houses and moon bounce rentals are much more high quality products than store bought ones. It is not wise to do the setup yourself if you are not aware of all of the factors that have to be in place. For instance, if the structure is not inflated properly, it could cause it to burst and then collapse on the children playing.

Moon bounce rentals are great for children during the summer and can be used to create outstanding and remarkable events. Anyone considering having these rentals at an event or a party should know this information to prevent any injuries to the children and also to avoid harming the vinyl the Moonbounce is made of.

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