Children enjoy structured activities that give them the opportunity to socialize with their peers. Skills learned in group activities will go a long way in helping kids later in life. Many jobs require an individual to have people skills. Since being able to work in a group is so valuable, don’t you think it’s time that you ensure every child under your care gets the opportunity too? They’re many ways that team building activities can be incorporated. A lot of tasks are actually easier when you use team building activities in the classroom, and home.

1. Making Pizza

Making pizza is an excellent activity for kids to do in the home. It allows them to be the chef for once. Depending on the age of the child, you should prepare the dough, and have all the ingredients out ahead of time. Children love the simplicity that goes along with spreading tomato sauce, and sprinkling on cheese. Since you’ll only be needing about one pizzas for dinner, this is a great opportunity for your kids to work together.

2. Hang Man

This classic game is a great team building exercise for children. They work together to try and spell the word. Plus, any mistake they make reflects badly on their teammates. Playing hangman can also be a good spelling lesson for the younger children. It’s an education game that’s not noted for being one. The kids will have no idea that they’re building social skills, and learning to spell better.

3. Outdoor Team Building Activities For Kids

Team Building Activities For KidsThe outdoors are a perfect place for children to share in the fun of team sports. This team building activity is best done in an organized fashion. If children are simply given a ball to throw around, they may not work together to make a game out of it.

A little league softball, football, or basketball team is an excellent way to get your child to build social skills without putting in all the effort that’s required for you to run the activity yourself. You simply drop them off, and then pick them up when they’re done with practice. You may have to go to a game or two.

Plus, this activity will keep your child physically fit. It’s likely that your kid will spend most of his time indoors during the summer. Possibly playing video games all season because he won’t have to get out of bed to go to school. Since he’s too young for a summer job, he might as well participate in this friendship-making activity.

4. Team Building Activities For Kids That Get Chores Done

Making a chore a family event can be an easy way to get the kids to pitch in at home. Children are more likely to be interested in washing the family dog if they know mom and dad are willing to go out there with them. They want to play with the water and bubbles. They just don’t want to look at the task as a chore they have to complete themselves.

5. Relay Race

Kids develop and trust in their teammates through participating in relay races. You may think of a relay race as something that’s only done at a track, or swim meet in high school. This isn’t the case. A relay race can be made easily for children of all ages. It’s a cheap event to have at a birthday party, and there are ways to make it more entertaining. You can add tires for the kids to jump in and out of, sand to crawl through, and maybe even a small obstacle to jump over. Of course, you should take the age of the children into account before deciding which obstacles are appropriate.

6. Laser Tag

Laser tag is a birthday party in itself. It’s also one of the many team building activities for kids that will go unnoticed by them as an attempt to get them to work together. There are everyman for himself situations, but most laser tag games are done by team against team. It’s possible that a group of children from a different birthday party will be on an opposite team. It’s up to the kids to work together to shoot as many as possible. They want their team to win!

7. Building A Sand Castle

Building a sand castle is one of the terrific team building activities for kids to do if they are too young to participate in a relay race, or a sports team, a classic group activity is building a sand castle. Children as young as three can find joy in piling sand up as high as they can. They love to work with their friends to build the largest, most impressive one on the beach.

8. Encourage Kids To Work Together

Kids are often discouraged from working together in academic environments. That’s why it’s highly important that they develop these skills at home as well. Many tasks can be completed with more than one person. If it’s a chore, the activity may even go by faster.

Team building activities for kids are fun and vital to teach them teamwork and other valuable communication, leadership, motivational, and problem-solving skills. However, it’s also essential not to forget to spend time with your kids at the end of each activity to discuss what was learned.