Are you throwing a party for some of your adult friends? If so, you may want to do more than just sit around and chat with one another. Even though there is nothing wrong with having a good chat, it does not mean that everyone cannot have a good time doing other things, such as playing all sorts of party games for adults.

There are plenty of different game ideas that you can incorporate during the event that you are throwing to ensure that everyone has a good time while they are making lots of memories. If you are in need of some good party ideas, you might want to try out some of the options below.

1. Spin for Shots Game

When you were a teenager, you probably played spin the bottle where you would have to kiss whoever the bottle landed on. Now that you and your friends are adults, there is a new twist to this game that does not involve kissing anyone at all. Rather than sit around in the circle, you can pour a variety of different alcoholic beverages into cups.

Each cup should have a different type of alcoholic beverage in it. For example, one may have vodka and orange juice inside of it while another may have some wine inside of it.

Set the cups around in a circle, place a bottle in the middle and then allow each person to take a turn spinning it. Each person would need to drink out of the cup that the bottle lands on.

If you are having an alcohol-free adult party, you can still play this game, but you should try to make a few non-alcoholic cocktails for your guests to enjoy instead. You can decide what you would like to add into the cups. This is just one of many fun party games for adults.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Going on a scavenger hunt can be lots of fun. In fact, you can make it so that the hunt is a lot like the Amazing Race television show. If you are the one who is going to set things up, you may not be able to participate, but you can make sure that all of you guests have a fun time participating in the hunt.

Create a list of things that the guests need to find or do throughout the day. For example, you can ask them to find a penny on the ground and take a picture with someone wearing a cowboy hat. Make sure that the scavenger hunt list is long enough to keep everyone entertained for a few hours.

A game like this may call for a night out on the town. Everyone can head out to a local area with plenty of nightclubs and bars while roaming around in groups to complete each item that is on the scavenger hunt list. The team that ends up making it back to the home with everything completed on the list and evidence that they have done it all will get to win a special prize.

3. Walking on Stilts Race

If you would like to share some serious laughter while having a good time, create a set of stilts for each person who is planning to come to the party. You can make them by peeling off labels from cans, painting them different colors for each person, punching holes in the top of them and adding some yarn or string through the holes.

Before the race begins, each person would need to put one foot on one can and one foot on the other can. They would need to catch their balance and hold the strings in their hands to assist them with walking or running. At the sound of a buzzer or bell, everyone has to try to make it to the finish line first.

Of course, this is going to make everyone get hysterical for several reasons. Walking on stilts made from cans is quite difficult.

You and the guests that come to your party are going to be falling over and continuously trying to get back up again, but that is what makes it so fun to begin with. It is always good to have a little bit of a competitive game during a party too.

4. Create Your Own Obstacle Course

Do not forget about making your own obstacle course as one of the party games for adults, which is especially ideal if you have a huge backyard. You can set up all sorts of obstacles that your guests will have to get through while they are competing with one another.

If you are not sure what types of obstacles you can use, consider setting hula hoops on the ground that guests would have to run through. You may also want to place orange cones that guests would have to run right around without knocking over and even use pool noodles as obstacles that your guests would have to try to jump over. These activities are simply fun and will bring out the inner child in each of your guests.

5. Stacking Up the Cups

Party Games For AdultsWho can stack the cups up quickest? Set a timer for 60 seconds and see which one of your guests will be able to create the highest stack of plastic cups. Set some rules to make it a bit more challenging. For example, tell them how many cups they can use for the first row, second row and so on.

The person who has the highest stack after a minute has passed would be considered the winner of the stacking game. Continue to play in groups of three until everyone has had a chance to try stacking them up as quickly as they possibly can.

If you are looking for fun party games for adults, there are quite a few of them. Of course, you do not have to play all of these games during your special event, but they surely will keep your guests entertained. When you want to make sure that everyone is having a good time, setting up some games like these will definitely work in your favor.