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Here is an amazing collection of Solar System Coloring Pages. The Solar System consists of the Sun and the celestial bodies orbiting around it. It comprises the Sun and a number of bodies that are linked gravitationally with this star: eight major planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune), along with its satellites, minor planets (including the ex-planet Pluto) and asteroids, comets, interstellar dust and gas. The Solar System is located in one of three spiral arms of the galaxy called Orion, about 32,000 light years from the nucleus, around which the speed of 250 km per second, using 225 million years to complete one lap , what is called cosmic year.

Print out any of your favorite Space Or Solar System Coloring Pages, download them, or even color them online. Let the fun begin and start being creative with the colors.