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I Am Amazing Box Set ArtI Am Amazing:
A Program Promoting Health, Safety, and Self-Esteem

A complete health education curricula
just waiting for you to use in your preschool or childcare program!

By Kathryn Breighner & Deborah Rohe

I Am Amazing is a kit filled with hundreds of hands-on, developmentally appropriate activities all centered on a child's total well being. By introducing young children to topics concerning their health, safety, and self-esteem, they discover how daily decisions affect their health and well-being, and become better prepared to make positive, healthy choices as they grow. Through these experiences, preschoolers and kindergartners learn about health concepts and also develop independent thinking, problem solving, decision making, cooperation, communication and motor skills--all of the developmental skills you want for young children while learning about health and safety!

I Am Amazing is built around nine teaching units that utilize five learning centers: Creative Arts, Dramatic Play, Language Arts, Science & Discovery, and Table Games.

  • My Amazing Body familiarizes children with the name, location, and function of specific body parts and how they work together.
  • My Five Senses introduces children to their five senses and how they are used in discovering the world around them.
  • Amazing Me helps children to develop an appreciation for differences and promotes positive self-esteem.
  • Our Families and Friends explores the many different kinds of families and their important roles in providing love and care.
  • My Feelings and Yours gives children insight into their own feelings and those of other people.
  • Healthy Habits helps to develop healthy practices for hygiene, exercise, and self-care as part of the daily routine.
  • Healthy Foods encourages healthy and well-balanced eating.
  • Safety First teaches skills for safe outdoor play at school and in the neighborhood and refusal skills for unsafe situations.
  • Safe at Home makes children aware of safe practices at home.

Easy to use! Just open the box and begin!

  • Activity Manual. Includes nine teaching units packed with instructions.
  • Learning Materials. 28 sets of colorfully illustrated story, game, and puzzle cards reinforce health concepts while children practice matching, sorting, sequencing and eye-hand coordination.
  • Unit Posters. 10 color theme posters.
  • Family Letters. 10 reproducible letters keep parents up-to-date with I Am Amazing activities.
  • My Amazing Body. This split-page books shows young children layer by layer what's inside the body-circulatory, skeletal, muscular, respiratory systems.
  • Audiocassette. Includes the I Am Amazing theme song.

I Am Amazing is flexible and with hundreds of activities to choose from, it can be used as a nine or 10 week program or spread out throughout the year. This curricula has been revised (June 2002) and is now published by Healthy Child Publications, the publishers of Healthy Childcare®. Click here for some sample I Am Amazing activities.

This complete curriculum is $399.00
Free Shipping! Order now!

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